Exhaust Repair
Muffler Replacement and Catalytic Converters in Farmington Hills, Michigan

If your vehicle is suffering a problem with the exhaust system then make sure you get the car checked out. And if you live anywhere near Farmington Hills, Michigan, then be sure and bring the vehicle into our exhaust shop – we are experts in the field and we specialize in all things to do with car exhausts.

An exhaust system is one that is connected throughout the vehicle and works to decrease noise and byproducts from the combustion system. It is divided into three essential and distinct parts.

The catalytic converter removes leftover exhaust gases that are not burned off by the engine and exhaust manifold; the muffler which muffles the noise produced by gases as they travel through the system; and the tailpipe which carries the leftover air and water vapor produced by combustion out and away from the vehicle.

We always stress to drivers how important it is to have a properly functioning exhaust system. An exhaust leak can cause dangerous gases to enter the vehicle causing disorientation and illness which in turn could lead to very serious injury or death while someone is operating the vehicle.

If the exhaust system is malfunctioning it can also cause a vehicle not to start or to run very badly and the driver should take it in immediately to have it checked.

Some of the symptoms that should alert you to a fault in the system include the vehicle sounding different, or loud, deep rumbling sounds. These could mean a leak or a hole somewhere in the exhaust system.

So if you want the best team of technicians to carry out repair and replacement work on your vehicle’s exhaust system, then pick up the phone and call K&F Auto Repair on (248) 919-8016 today. Don’t settle for second best, we will provide excellent and attentive service